33 going on 34 (in Lithuania)

So, where to go next after Central Asia? Most flights from Almaty depart for China, India, or Russia. We couldn’t go back to China because we only had single-entry visas. Same thing with India (and Steve pretty much vetoed that idea haha). Steve also needed to head back to Canada for a friend’s wedding in a few weeks. For a bunch of reasons, we decided to head to…Lithuania!

Lithuania is a Baltic country in Northern Europe between Poland, Latvia, Belarus, and Kaliningrad (Russia). It is a very modern country with influences from Russia, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe. The Baltic region was on both our bucket lists so it ended up working perfectly.

We spent a week in the capital city of Vilnius so that I could dedicate more time to my freelance work and Steve could keep studying for the GMAT, which he was planning to take later in the trip.

Old Town architecture

During our down time, we had a chance to explore all the narrow and winding streets of the Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Not only is it a well-preserved Medieval town, it is quite large (~3.5 square kilometres) and has a mix of different architectural styles.

With the old defensive walls of the town still intact, there are several gates that now allow entry into the Old Town for vehicles.

The Republic of Užupis is a neighbourhood in Vilnius that is known for its artistic, bohemian history and atmosphere. The streets are filled with art installations, murals, and artisan shops along the Vilnia River. The neighbourhood even has its own Constitution, which you can read on the Užupis “embassy” website.

The view of Vilnia River from Užupis
Walking through Užupis

I found one of my favourite print artists at a little shop in Užupis, Kotryna Zukauskaite. She sells online so I will definitely be putting up some of her work in our new house.

Lithuania-style print art (screenshot from Kata Kiosk)

Other examples of the interesting mix of architectural styles were in the beautiful Gothic and Orthodox designs at various churches in the city.

We celebrated my 34th birthday in Vilnius, which started off with a torrential downpour, by getting the.best.doughnuts I’ve ever had at a cafe just around the corner from our Air BnB. We also tried to go to the Museum of Illusions (I love these!) but when we got there, it had been flooded because of the rain! We didn’t let it put a damper on our spirits and still were able to explore the town on foot when it cleared up a bit.

Birthday doughnuts from the heavenly Holy Donut cafe


  1. Rae

    Oh wow, Vilnius and Užupis look amazing! Damn it, yet another country to add to my travel list. What a cool city to celebrate a birthday in and explore for a week. And of course, now I want a donut but I know Timmies won’t be good enough.

    Love that you’re still posting and I can still read about your adventures from last year 🙂


    1. Post

      Thanks Rae! I still dream about those donuts and I just can’t do Timmies anymore haha
      I want to make a photo book of our trip so it has been fun going through the photos and writing up the stories even though it was over a year ago! The Baltic area is still on my bucket list. Vilnius was great and I would love to go back to Lithuania and also see Latvia and Estonia… One day when we can travel again!

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