Pamir Highway Road Trip Day 3: Bartang Valley and Jizeu

The next day, we headed towards the Bartang Valley where we had planned an overnight hike into the Bartang Valley to the village of Jizeu. Orzu didn’t come on the hike with us but had organized our accommodation with a family in the village beforehand. He dropped us off at the start of the hike (a rickety old bridge!!) and told us he would pick us up the next morning.

Bridge to Jizeu
This way to Jizeu
Bridge across river
Bridge across to start the Bartang Valley hike

After crossing the super sketchy bridge, the path headed up the valley and followed a smaller river.

Following the small path on the left bank

Overall, it only took us about two hours to hike up to Jizeu, which gave us lots of time to relax and enjoy the afternoon. The family we were staying with prepared us an afternoon tea with traditional Tajik biscuits and snacks. There were a few other groups of hikers in the valley. Some continued further in towards another village and another group decided to stay with us. The accommodation at this homestay was an open room with a raised platform piled with blankets where we lined up our sleeping bags for the night.

Country homestay
Arriving at our homestay for the night
Playing cards in the shade
Our afternoon hangout for cards and tea

There was a lake near the village where we hung out for a few hours. When it got dark, we had an amazing night of stargazing with basically no light pollution.

Lake near the village

The next morning, I decided to take the outdoor shower for a spin, complete with multiple goats hanging out nearby.

Outdoor shower
Freshening up in the outdoor shower

After a refreshing night’s sleep, we were ready to head back down the valley to meet Orzu at the trailhead.

Flowing stream
Steve getting some fresh water from the stream

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