Two-month update and trip videos on YouTube

Panorama of Merimbula beach

Hi everyone!

Steve and I are officially delinquent bloggers… it has been over two months since our last update. We have done a lot since our last post, but instead of jumping right back to where we left off, I wanted to give an update of where we are right now…

We made it to Australia! Hooray!

We actually arrived in Australia over a month now (September 14) and spent the first two weeks with my aunt and cousins that live in Sydney. It was really great to spend time with family that I don’t get to see as often as I’d like. Then we did a six-day amazing road trip from Sydney to Melbourne that included spotting wild kangaroos, visiting the Australian Parliament in Canberra, and eating the most delicious and enormous calamari ever.

When we got to Melbourne we were lucky enough to be able to stay with Steve’s friends, Tim and Clare, who felt like old pals the minute we got there. Steve got his forklift license and was lucky enough to find some casual work at an urban craft dairy even before we got to Melbourne (I’ll let him explain more about that!). I am still freelancing and doing a few online courses to change career directions when we get back to Ontario. So, we have both been extremely busy.

Picnic lunch en route to Melbourne
Picnic lunch en route to Melbourne

Last week, we rented a one-bedroom apartment in a lovely neighbourhood called Hawthorn East, which is about 30 minutes by train to the downtown core of Melbourne. Our little place is a ten-minute walk to a student-oriented area called Glen Ferrie that is home to the Swinburne University campus and ten minutes from the more family-focused and slightly more upscale Camberwell area in the other direction. We are two minutes from a train station and have all the shops and amenities we could want, plus a fantastic craft beer bar that we can basically see from our patio. Bliss!

We signed a six-month lease for the place so we know we will be here until at least mid-April. I am looking forward to hitting up some of the beaches in town and having a summertime Christmas and New Year’s holiday! Now that we are settled, we will be able to go back and fill you in on everything we did over the summer months. Let’s just say that between Hong Kong and Australia we visited 14 more countries between the two of us… More to come!

Panorama of Merimbula beach
Panorama of Merimbula beach, south of Sydney

I’ve also started uploading some of our favourite video clips from the trip to YouTube. You can check them out here:


  1. Rae

    Amazing and congrats on the new digs! Sounds like a great area too! It must be nice to have a home base for a little while after all the traveling you guys have done recently. So exciting and I can’t wait to hear more 🙂

    Also, random bit of info, an old flatmate of mine has opened his own brewery in Melbourne called Inner North Brewing Co (in the Brunswick area). I have no idea what the beer is like but it looks like a cool spot and they allow dogs! Sounds pretty decent so far 😉

    Miss you guys and I’m sending big virtual hugs your way!


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