Sometimes you can be so fixated on finishing your ‘To Do’ list that when its completed, you don’t know what to do with yourself. This was how I felt after Steve and I passed through airport security at Pearson Airport on March 21. The final days leading to our departure were hectic. There was lots and lots of packing, lots of selling things on Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace, and lots of moving things to various locations for storage. We did our best to keep everything as organized as possible knowing this will make life easier when we come back. But, as the departure day got closer, some ‘must do’ tasks became ‘if there’s time’ tasks, which realistically we knew wouldn’t get done. So in that moment, as we passed through security at the airport, it felt a bit like washing the slate clean. We had to just let go of everything that was still on the preparation list and accept our new reality. Ready or not, our adventure had already started.

Our flight was Toronto to Delhi via Amsterdam and it was largely uneventful. My main concern was simply just boarding the plane. Right before we left London to go to the airport, I read several articles online that our airline, Jet Airways, was in serious financial trouble and the pilots were threatening to strike as of April 1. Luckily we didn’t have any issues but I didn’t even tell Steve about it until we got to Delhi because I knew he was already nervous. Jet is an Indian airline so most of our fellow passengers were on the same journey as us and re-boarded in Amsterdam for the second leg to Delhi. The food on the plan was a sort of Indian fusion and actually not bad. We had seat back entertainment. Nothing really to complain about at all!

A full flight ready for take off.

We were doing great until we started our decent into Delhi at about 12am and caught our first glance of Delhi’s city lights out the window. At that point, we literally looked at each other and had an “OH, sh*t…what are we doing” moment. That descent into Indira Gandhi International Airport felt like a steep climb at the beginning of a roller coaster (ironic, I know). In the line, you thought you had the best idea ever. Now that the seatbelt is buckled and you can’t get out, your mind is telling you you’re an idiot and your stomach has decided it wants to make you pay for being said idiot.

So, in order to get through it, I decided to direct my nerves into anger at all our friends and family that had egged us on when we told them about our trip plans.

“It’s going to be an amazing experience!” they said.

“You are going to have so much fun!” they said.

At that moment, I hated you all. Why did I listen to you?!

We landed safe and sound. Yes, we are very cute.

Luckily, we are now safe and sound in India and I do not hate you all anymore. In fact, I would like to thank you for being there for me in my moment of need. It all seems a bit dramatic in hindsight but in the moment the fear of the unknown gets the best of all of us. We are still on this 3-week long roller coaster called India but the first and biggest climb is out of the way now.

(Did I just jinx myself?)


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  1. Brenda Tanner

    Hi from Muskoka: we are totally plugged into your posts, in fact, have friends reading them too, so keep them coming. Love to hear about the foods you are eating and seeing some photos – Enjoy, enjoy.

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      Hi Brenda! Glad you are enjoying the posts. I am just about to add one about Delhi and I will include some pics of our food so far 🙂

  2. Naz

    Sounds amazing!
    The Taj is stunning…try to stick around for the sunset if you can.
    Saag-paneer (spinach-cheese) is the best in India!
    Have fun and stay safe 🙂

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